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Why Use HoofKantoor?

Hoofkantoor is the leading online reservation system in South Africa for lodging, function and activity establishments. It gives you the opportunity to manage your own accommodation (hotels, motels, guesthouses, apartments, vacation homes) as well as activities (hot air balloon rides, horseback riding trips, scuba dives, and scenic drives) functions and events easily and cost-effectively.

Get more bookings from anywhere in the world with the Hoofkantoor system. As the best things in life are free, we offer Hoofkantoor free of charge. You pay for results only.

Hoofkantoor offers you

  • A user-friendly system
  • Centralised online, "at reception" and agent bookings integrated in a single database
  • Complete control of all business process at the touch of a button
  • The ability to manage numerous facilities with ease
  • Guest profile management
  • Quick communication with guests via email and sms
  • Daily check-in reports
  • A visual reservation schedule
  • Real time booking fee collections
  • Variable price management (seasonal prices)
  • Package formation options for different seasons/events
  • Easy to use online booking system for guests
  • The ability to book your guests into other facilities on the Hoofkantoor system
  • Free accommodation listing
  • The ability to easily track payments and finances

What makes Hoofkantoor unique?

The booking management system was specifically designed to ensure that you can run your business to be the best. We ensure competitiveness by offering you real-time synchronisation of occupancy data, prices, children discounts as well as any extras. Bookings from vendors’ web pages only link to their venue on Hoofkantoor ensuring maximum exposure for you.

Get more bookings with Hoofkantoor. When using the online booking system you get value-added marketing exposure through all our internet agency pages. You can greatly increase your occupancy rate with Hoofkantoor’s shared central marketing database!

That’s not all…with Hoofkantoor you can also make bookings directly from your website:

Get a Book Online button on your web page.

Get a real-time availability link on your web page.

Get linked to other on-line marketing sites.

We ensure maximum exposure for your business. So why is it free? Because we know we can get more bookings for you. Fast. Hoofkantoor’s design and functionality was built on years of industry experience and knowledge, offering you a first-rate booking management system.

How does it work?

  • All Vendor (or own) bookings are FREE
  • All confirmed bookings made through the Hoofkantoor on-line booking system, will be subject to 10% commission plus VAT.
  • If you don’t have a credit card machine, don’t turn the guest away – use our online Credit Card facility for a 3.5% fee.
  • No licenses, downloads or added functionality costs- simply get in touch for access to our online system.

With Hoofkantoor what you see is what you get…no hidden costs or hassles. It does the work… you make the profit.

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Hoofkantoor Booking System
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